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Discovering New Rhythms To The Week

This guy was the sweetest yesterday.

He has been working extra hours and nights the past few weeks getting patients set up with telehealth so they can stay home and setting up the church systems for switching to online services.

So it’s been hard solo parenting in the middle of all of this more than normal.

He came and worked from home for the afternoon during nap time Thursday and I got to drive and leave my neighborhood!

And I cried at the blue sky, the sunshine, the trees with flowers on them.

The grass with flowers in it. The willamette river and even the incredibly low gas pricesthe creativity and positivity in the Dutch bro’s drive through and just escaping my four walls alone (aside from the normal neighborhood walks) for the first time in about two weeks.

It was good for my soul.

And funny thing, it blessed my husband so much to change and work from the life filled atmosphere of home vs the rapidly ever changing pace office environment.

This may end up being a new rhythm for our own sanity during this time. Mom’s drive away escape and dad’s work from home afternoon.

What are new rhythms you’re discovering in this season?

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