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A Waterfall That Cascades Over Doubt

You can rant as much as you want but the truth is still there.

It wins your heart every time.

You are mine and I am yours.

Always have been always will be.

Not even you can separate my love from you.

It’s too strong.

So let despair fall, let the lies fall, let the expectations fall.

Give me your grief, give me your fears, give me your dreams.

They are still good dreams.

Who do you think gave them to you?

Who do you trust will do a better job of bringing them to fruition?

It’s my turn now to talk to your heart.

My turn to push past the self-criticism you think makes you feel better because then it means you don’t have to do the powerful work of being who you are.

And who you are is worth dying for.

I collect your tears and not one is wasted.

Your name is etched in my hand and not even your self constructed walls or dance with failure and rejection will keep me from pursuing your heart and filling it so full you don’t have space for the things that pull you down and it becomes a waterfall.

A waterfall that cascades over doubt and fear and paves a way for hope.

- A love letter from a savior

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