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Cold/Flu/Virus Protocol (Part 2): A Good Foundation of Vitamins

Starting with a good foundation! We try to keep ourselves in good healthy immune system function by avoiding a lot of processed foods, eating mostly plant based diet, limiting sugar intake, supporting our bodies with vitamin supplements. We try to get most of our vitamin needs from the food we eat.

However food is not grown the way it used to. I talk about this a little in my book. Our soil things are grown in isn’t the same as it was 60-70 years ago.

So the nutrient content of our food is not always the fullness of what it could be or what it was. In our home we try to buy organic as much as we can. But also we supplement with vitamins.

When we are sick we try to up Vits C, D, Zinc.

When Andy had the "C" virus the first time after a week of no energy a doctor told him to take 2000mg of C, 3000IU of D3, 100mg of Zinc for his situation. He improved within 24hrs!

What I learned from this was that when sick you need more than the daily bottle recommendations of those 3. So we have them on hand and the Camu Camu powder is high in vit C it’s a great plant source of it. We love to mix in to smoothies! I also have it in capsule form for those days we can't get to smoothies from Earthley. But my kids will still drink smoothies even when feverish. Frozen mangos and some camu camu powder are great for getting them some extra vit C.

Note that most vit-c sources on the market are a synthetic ascorbic acid which isn’t as bio available to our bodies. Look for other options like this vit-c liquid from MaryRuth’s. (Use discount code CARISSAGOBBLE for 10% off)

Starting with a healthy foundation of good nutrition and exercise and vitamins helps support the immune system when it comes under strain.

Prioritizing sleep, avoiding stress, staying hydrated, keeping vitamin levels strong are a foundational preventative measures we can take to be prepared for any viruses that come across our paths.

*please note I am not a doctor you will want to consult your primary care provider when choosing supplemental changes or treating illness*

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