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My 8 Plant Based Go-To Easy Meals My Kids Love

As a mom my energy left to make dinner is very little so these 8 meals we go through almost every week. I hope they inspire you!

1. Pizzas - 20min (30min if you do it with kids let's be realistic)

My kids love pizza! They love to help me spread the dough and I let them do one pizza the way they want and I do one for mom & dad. Basically we just grab two batches of pre-made whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joes and spread them out. We have a jar of pre-made sauce (also from TJs) and a can of pre sliced olives (also from TJs) and they love to help chop up some mushrooms while I chop up a green bell pepper and we top with some shredded almond cheese and nutritional yeast. With the oven preheated to 425 and using silicone baking mats they only have to bake for 8-10min each and then they are ready to go! For variety we have made callzones before with some spinach inside or used a yummy artichoke pesto spread as the base under the sauce or used pesto sauce or we've done real artichoke pieces on top or tomato slices or fresh basil leaves from the garden in the summer. Lots of option. One time the girls did a vegan alfredo base with blue corn chips and green peas as toppings........ They thought it was best!

2. Yumm Bowls - 10min (rice takes an hour just start it earlier in the day)

It's basically recreating Yumm Cafe bows at home! You just need a rice cooker or instapot and make some brown rice at the beginning of the day as your base. Brown rice has way more nutrients in it and fiber than white rice does. Get a can of beans (black red garbanzo whichever you like or mix them!), a bottle of yumm sauce from your local grocery store or yumm cafe or this link here, a diced tomato, a can of pre-sliced olives, and a ripe cut up avocado. Mix it all together for a delicious rice bowl meal! (can be topped with salsa, parsley, or a soy cheese).

3. Mushroom Alfredo Pasta & Steamed Broccoli - 20min

For a yummy vegan Alfredo, soak cashews in some lemon water and nutritional yeast in a vitamix and then blend it up. Add salt & pepper to taste or more nutritional yeast. This makes a delicious creamy base you can stir in with saute'd mushrooms and onions for a yummy vegan Alfredo sauce or you can even mix it into a potato soup puree'd for a creamy texture. Get a bag of organic pre-cut broccoli wash and steam in the microwave in a covered bowl with some water for 5min and let it sit to continue cooking in the steam. Boil some pasta of your choice and serve it all together.

4. Mexican (burritos, tacos) - 15min

This I think pretty much everyone does but for a vegan version if you like the groudbeef type consistency Trader Joes has a great beefless ground beef packet you can get and just put it in a frying pan with a little water and taco seasoning packet and an onion and bell pepper for a great mix to put in tacos or burritos. Chop up some lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, add salsa and some soy or almond based cheese (be careful to avoid carageenan).

5. Creamy Potato Soup - 15min (the potatoes take longer than this start them earlier in the day)

Start by soaking 1-2 cups of cashews in some lemon water and nutritional yeast in a vitamix and then blend it up. Add salt & pepper to taste or more nutritional yeast. This makes a delicious creamy base you will pour into your pureed potatoes. Choose red skin potatoes over russet potatoes for more nutrients you can leave them with their peels on just wash first and cook in water (or vegetable stock) in the instapot after sauteing a chopped onion in the bottom first. Once the potatoes are cooked pour in the cashew sauces and take an emersion blender and blend everything together. Add seasonings to taste.

6. Avocado Toast With Humus & Veggies - 10min

This is a favorite lunch! Toast some whole grain bread bread and then smear ripe avocado over it just like peanut butter and we love to top it with a little chili lime seasoning from Trader Joes. And then we chop up a cucumber and dip them in humus along with some carrots.

7. Potstickers & Rice - 15min (rice takes longer but is hands free in a rice cooker or instapot)

Trader Joes has a great veggie potsticker bag in the frozen section we love to stir fry these while cooking some rice and serve together with some stir fried broccoli and dip in liquid aminos (better option than soy sauce).

8. 5min Curry & Rice - 10min (rice takes longer but is hands free in a rice cooker or instapot)

Stir fry an onion in a large pan. Dump in a can of diced tomatoes, a can of coconut cream (or milk if you can't find cream), a can of garbanzo beans, and a bag of organic frozen veggies. Add curry powder salt and pepper to taste and let simmer until a lot of the excess water is gone. Serve over brown rice.

If you try one of these out please let us know! Would love for you to post a picture in The Homefront Community.

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