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Let Us Worship: Washington D.C.

I did not feel the freedom to publicly share our participation in a 30,000+ person worship night on the national mall back in October.

Unfiltered opinions run all over social media and I do have a right to remain silent.

Especially on a platform that limits communication to the written word. Where you can forget the person you’re replying to is a human with feelings and legitimate ideas/values that did not develop over night.

But I also have the privilege of a voice.

Now more than ever I’m so grateful Andy and I had the opportunity to pray in agreement with so many others at our nation’s Capitol during such a tumultuous time in history. 4hrs of worship and prayer by men and women of different generations and ethnicities. Where red or blue didn’t mater just a coming together seeking to contribute our voices to a call for peace, justice, and healing of a divided nation.

The events of the past few days are so sad. My continued prayer is for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to remain as our God given rights in this country where freedom, liberty, justice and truth have been corner stones. But more importantly I pray for the people. Because whoever is in seats of power are few compared to the millions that put them there. We are supposed to be a government by the people, for the people. And so many of our people are hurting deeply. Longing for hope, for justice, to be heard and listened to.

And it starts with you and me.

We can stop villianizing, stop blaming, stop trying to convince the other side that they are wrong, fools, crazy etc. words aren’t working.

But love is.

We do not have to AGREE to love one another.

To be humble enough to see things through the other persons eyes and say man ya that would be scary from that point of view and I don’t see it that way myself but how can I love you right now tangibly so you know that I’m your neighbor I’m your fellow American wether we voted for the same person or not?

“A nation divided cannot stand” and I would really love to not live through a civil war. But I choose to live in peace not fear. Limit my news and media intake and work on my little corner of fostering love in the world. Find peace today friends....

*** this is not a post for debating but just my thoughts and heart. I’m happy to have face to face conversations with you if you’d like to have a conversation about any of this be careful to not make assumptions of anyone based on one post as you are scrolling today social media is such a small snapshot of their values and lives***

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