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I Avoided My Kids All Day: Motherhood Re-Entry

I spent my whole day trying to avoid my kids...

I got up late, started nap time early, extended it to dinner time, made dad cook dinner said “no” so many times you’d think I didn’t speak English!

It’s super hard. Very hard.

To be a stay at home or work from home mom. Thankless tireless endless. (And I know, I know it really does end some day and then you miss it but um nope I’m not going to miss this. I’ll miss their baby ness but not this craziness nope.)

It’s even harder to jump back into after spending a week doing what you love and being showered with praise and affirmation for it. (Everyone filling up my love tank all weekend long!)

Like I think I had the most words of affirmation and encouragement in a span of 48-72 hours than I’ve had in like the whole 1-2 months prior. yep.

It doesn’t help motherhood re-entry.

That’s what I’m calling it.

Motherhood RE-ENTRY.

I lived in 4 different countries and 6 states before age 15 so “re-entry”.....

I know that feeling. Just wasn’t expecting it in this scenario.

How many of my other moms on here can relate? Who’s had to navigate “re-entry” into mommy life? Maybe after a work trip, conference, vacation, anything. Any tips!?

Also word to the world. Thank the moms in your life more often. We are usually our own worst critics and yet simultaneously hero’s in our children’s eyes but we need to be reminded of it. Not because our self worth is low but because it’s hard to really tell when we are doing well at it and can change so rapidly one day to the next.


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