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How a Mom Handles a Double Kid Bleeding Injury

Yesterday there was blood on my cheek that wasn’t mine. Two crying children injured within 10min of each other during a simple walk to the mailbox....One may or may not require a band aid and one may or may not require a trip to urgent care.

My brain ran through a thousand decisions a second triaging my own kids.... ok clean the wound... Send the oldest for the paci.

Man that’s the deepest cut I’ve ever seen on any of my kids.

Is it too deep for at home care?

Will it scar without stitches?

Will he have a concussion?

What were the signs of concussion again?

Ok baby is fine for the moment with paci I can clean the other child’s wound while holding baby comfortingly.

Is he going to get a big bump on his head?

“Joelle go get the frozen rice bag out of the freezer” That should help any swelling.

If I have to take him into urgent care we no doubt would be there a long time since it’s the middle of a pandemic so maybe I should let him nap first then call the nurses line and get advice? (Imagining them shaving part of his head and him screaming through stitches)

He’s calming down. The bleeding is subsiding.


Ok ok let’s take them upstairs and hope there’s still bandaids!

If I have to take him for stitches would the urgent care even be open?

Would like to avoid the hospital. Ok here’s the empty bandaid box that was used for stickers....

Ok let’s try the emergency first aid kit! Set baby on counter. “MOMMY I NEED A BANDAID!!!!”

Don’t forget the middle child’s skinned knee.

Oh thank the Lord Jesus Christ there’s band aids in here!!!

Even one of those fancy ones to help pull wounds closed.

“Here’s the bean bag mommy.”

Baby isn’t liking the cold bag on his head...

Give the three year old her band aid.

Baby turns on the faucet. Ok awesome distraction while I get the band aids on the baby. But it’s too big... where’s the scissors...

“WHAaaaa” Water dumped on everyone...


Ok that’s fine...Band aids on!!

ok nap times for everyone!

Nurse hotline is just a recording about COVID......................

Company arrives (I’m not naming names). I almost cry trying to tell the story... they check the baby say it’s fine and I SWEAR THE WOUND IS LIKE HALF THE SIZE IT WAS 10min ago?? Healing prayer working? Yes! Or mom’s frazzled brain.... who knows!

After nap he’s normal happy self. Doesn’t notice the bandaid thankfully, and no swelling or concussion signs!!!!

Geez... the stress of kids injuries at home is compounded in the midst of a pandemic! Be gracious to yourselves moms out there holding down the fort! It’s going to be ok!!!

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