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Through the eye of the Toddler....

Could it be! Yes yes it is the sun peeking through the window (blackout shades + blackout curtains)!

Pitter-patter footsteps rush to the mountain bed. Mommy & daddy are still asleep! I must wake them up! The sun is up it's an exciting new day!!! So many things could happen! I convince daddy to give us cereal instead of toast before he leaves for work and mommy brings baby brother down. It's so incredible that mommy's body can make milk that baby wants to drink all the time. Someday I'll be big enough to make milk too it'll be sooo cool! I get to choose what we are going to wear today I wish I was as tall as mommy so I didn't have to get the chair to get my shirt down off the rack. Sometimes I break the hangers..... and mommy doesn't like that. But she doesn't cry or scream like I do when sister breaks my toys. I wonder why...

I'm so hungry I'm going to ask for a snack. I know mommy said in a little bit I think it's been that!

Well I guess not....

I've tried making food before and it's hard but somehow mommy does it all the time, when I grow up I'm going to make lunches and dinners with all the big people dishes like a grown up!

I love it when I get to help I'm an expert mushroom cutter now although I think there is something wrong with my knife mommy's knife is so much faster and smoother. How does she cut the food so quickly. I think she has super powers!

Someday when I'm big like mommy I'll get to choose my meals and pick what I want when we go shopping! But what I'm most excited for is to learn how to read and discover the amazing stories mommy tells just by reading all those letters. I do believe that when I grow up I want to be like mommy.

You may feel like you're floundering but odds are, to your children, you are awe-inspiring.

How many times does life ever present the opportunity for us to be unconditionally loved by another human being?

So many of us are seeking after the love and approval of others and disregard or forget that we already have the most approving creatures of all time in the bedroom down the hall.

Unlike the honeymoon phase of a new marriage or relationship. The starry eyed gaze of a child for a loving parent is usually much longer lasting. Love covers a multitude of little annoyances. It blinds us to others' faults. Almost 30 years later and I still sometimes have a hard time realizing that my parents fell short in some areas where as to them it's obvious.

There is a blissful innocence a child brings to any relationship. But especially to the parent.

Your child thinks the world of you. Yes they get frustrated with you too, but you are who they want to be when they grow up right now. You are their first superhero crush.

So many of us are striving to feel the respect and purpose of a Marvel action figure and the love of Jack & Rose in the Titanic when what we are searching for is staring us in the face smearing buggers all over our clothes.

These little people look up to us in such beautiful ways.

If only we could learn to see ourselves through their eyes sometimes.


Source of comfort.

The most wise person in the world.

The giver of the best treats.

The most incredible reader of all time.

No limits to their physical strength I bet they could push over a tree they are so strong! Giver of gifts.

Answers to everything. (because we are their Google)

Wonder Woman.

Truly one of the greatest gifts a child can give us is a reminder of who we are or once believed we could be. Because to them and their minds that are only just beginning to be bombarded with the limitations of this world, we are the best super hero there ever was.

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