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The Bridge Between Homes: The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean.

I sit here on the other side of it as an adult now and think how this large body of water connects the two countries I spent the most time in. Although nothing compares to the lovely warmth of the Arab Gulf, the Pacific is like the bridge between my homes.

You can’t see the other when you’re in the one but it’s connected. It’s out there.

Invisible to the eye but crashing like a wave at your heart.

A heartbeat of two worlds you’ll never fully fit in to but that all march to the beat of the drum of life.

In our ever shrinking world I love discovering those bridges within diversity that connect seemingly incompatible worlds to the common human experience.

I may not speak your language but I can tell you’re smiling! I may not know what to say or how to say it but I will just try things until something clicks or we die of laughter at the attempt

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