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Induction Reflection: Baby #4

I’m so grateful my homebirth midwife (who’s been my provider for all 4 babies) was able to follow me into the finish of the pregnancy in the hospital and capture this photo. It was the first birth experience for me where my baby had to be separated from me right after the birth and this picture captures the reunion 20ish minutes later after his oxygen levels improved.

Not quite the golden hour I’ve had with the other babies but we are making up for it over the past few days. Nothing about this pregnancy/birth/baby has been like any of the others but every part of it unfolded for a reason and I have total peace with every decision we made.

Pitocin is no joke!

Goodness induction mamas you’re amazing!

I definitely prefer labor that comes on naturally for both mom and baby’s sake (it’s gentler on the baby’s experience of labor too) but grateful for the support of my awesome provider team and community as we walked through the end of that pregnancy that lead us through an induction that finally brought us baby.

I’m sure I will have lots of things to unpack from the whole journey of it all. I’m just still in awe that I had been carrying a 10lb baby this whole time and survived an induction without pain medication or any tearing (thank you God for saving the big baby for my 4th ). Goodness our bodies are designed miraculously!

Also huge shout out to Pain Free Birth and all the coaching from Karen on being empowered in your birth experience and knowledgeable to make informed supported decisions and the tools to process the transformational experience every birth is in a woman’s life.

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