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Book 3 In the Works!

As a kid I actually despised the fact I didn’t have some massive testimony to share with the world that everyone else seemed to have Although in my late teens my family went through some traumatic stuff that I never really unpacked and healed from until a few years ago.

That testimony will probably make its way into a book at some point. It’s a big one.

My first book was a way for me to process my unique TCK life experiences. It was birthed out of that season of unprocessed grief, overcoming fear, and healing from past trauma. It was also an experiment in publishing.

My second book took awhile because of more important creations like a baby and was inspired by my passion for informed conscious consumers.

This third book is a privilege to write.

It’s a humbling process of being entrusted with other people’s stories. And I would not be able to write it if I hadn’t gone through that fear smashing process a few years ago. Again that’s a story for another time and many of you have commented on how helpful my vulnerable yet cryptic posts through that time were for you.

As I’ve been writing this book and even in the interviewing process I have found myself overwhelmed multiple times by the sheer testimony it is that I could be co-writing a book. I would have been hiding behind a wall of fear with a fake smile on my face trying to wrangle insecurity and lies had I not gone through that miraculous process a few years ago.

There’s been so many moments in this process that have challenged my blossoming understanding of what it means to be a daughter. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to steward these stories and what doing so has revealed to me in my own walk with God. I can’t wait for you all to read them. It’s like getting to write a bunch of super hero origin stories! Some that take us to Alaska, Hawaii, Racist Chicago suburbs, the Sahara Desert and attempts to escape to Canada. Yet Jesus weaves this intricate pattern of sown seeds and the story is amazing. It’s such a privilege to be a part of.

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