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Baby Eczema Testimony!

So some of you saw me post this on my wall yesterday but we all aren’t friends yet so check out Simon’s eczema he’d had for over a monthI had tried what felt like everything! From coconut oil (what his DR recommended) to CPTG essential oils (diluted) I think I even tried diaper rash cream once bathed rarely washed without soap just a Norwex baby cloth, I even tried the Crunchi daylight moisturizer and their primer (a friend had it heal up her rash all over her body so I thought it was worth a try)

But then I tried the Crunchi Nightlight facial cream Friday once, Saturday once, forgot Sunday but Monday noticed a difference

Monday-Thursday I applied it twice daily! And look IT’S practically gone!

So what was it that helped in a toxin free facial night cream?

Let’s rehash some of the powerful ingredients I shared last week in it in thehomefrontcommunity Facebook group:

-The powerful hibiscus flower acid

-Quality organic jojoba and argan oils infused with antioxidant-rich rose petals, ginkgo biloba, and sage

-A blend of organic lavender essential oil and hibiscus

-All that goodness is soooo healing for your skin every night! If you want some you can grab it at this link here. (new crunchi clients get $10 off their first order of $50)


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