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3 Year Old says: "We Have to Pray!"

“We have to pray!” 3 year old Simon adamantly demanded today at snack time. I heard him repeat this sentiment probably 4 times before Joelle said everyone put down the food and then she proceeded to do a simple prayer over their snack at 3:30 today while mom and baby had rest time.

We had only started modeling prayers before meals consistently recently again as we are getting into a routine dinner time post newborn. And just hearing my kids pick up this pattern and want to implement it on their own after a short period of time was shocking.

We don’t try to teach religious practices over here. But we do try to model what being in a relationship with Jesus looks like. What gratitude looks like and these little moments are what make a Mother’s Day that even without a parent promoting they choose to do something beautiful kind and thoughtful.

How much more are they picking up that we will never be able to put into words? Or that we don’t see? Or hear about?

I want my children to watch me go through hard things vs sheltering them from everything tough because then they can see an example of how to navigate something that feels too big or to step back and apologize and know failure is part of life and the process.

Ezelle the other day when Simon had to go to bed early just said, she stopped in middle of her chore and said, “I really love Simon I want to ask God to help him to obey”What child is this! Who can be fighting over toys with her brother a few hours ago and then be moved with compassion for him in the consequences of his choices that she is inspired to call on a higher power to help him since she recognizes she can’t?

These are the little moments where a mom’s heart melts and you get a glimpse from Holy Spirit of what He is cultivating within them and you get to just go along for the ride…

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