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Removing Pesticides From Your Food

According to the EWG Over 70% of the fruits and veggies at your grocery store are COATED in pesticides and nasty germs. And let’s not forget all of this other junk that your produce is covered in:

❌ Pesticides and herbicides

❌ Fungus

❌ Fingerprints from other shoppers

❌ Farmyard dirt, wax, and debris

And here’s the scariest part...water is NOT enough to get this junk off. (That’s because many pesticides are water-RESISTANT so the rain doesn’t wash them away) There is a solution though! Made from 3 simple plant ingredients, this life-changing product ELIMINATES pesticides and farm gunk from your produce quickly and easily! Plus it makes organic produce last SO much longer! And there’s a great deal on it for Memorial Day available now!

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