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Making Veggies Fun For Kids

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

It's a Heart! Nope it's pac-man.... My attempt at cutting cucumbers into little hearts the first time didn't quite turn out correctly but the kids loved them! Yay for simple hacks at making veggies fun for kids. Quick tip though I could've totally just got these veggie shape cutters and saved myself from explaining pac-man to my 4 year old. Here's a few other tricks.

Mix veggies with fruit.

We make "Green Juice" weekly sometimes every other day. Only now getting older has the oldest realized there is other better tasting things. When that happens we just up the amount of banana we add to it to up the sweetness. In green juice we put: frozen kale, frozen banana, tiny bit of ginger, orange juice, lemon juice in the vita mix. You could easily substitute spinach or blueberries make a smoothie and make it a fun color and disguise it with juice. Also it's awesome for pouring into little popsicle molds like these as we head into the summer!

Get creative with your veggie presentation!

Make a forest of broccoli trees with a river of lava tomatoes running through the forest. Or kids love faces! So using olives as eyes and corn as teeth is lots of fun. You could cut mini bell peppers in half and they become boats you can fill with rice and then take a carrot slice as the mast. Let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are endless.

Hidden in Plain sight.

You can hide veggies in things they'll never know about. We make curry in out home frequently and DoTerra has a great superfood blend in powder form I mix into Simon's apple sauce & peanut butter bowels but I've also been able to sprinkle in some into the curry sauce or pasta sauce after it's started to cool and no one is the wiser but they are a whole lot healthier!

Dip. Dip. Double Dip & Dip some more.

Kids love, well I should say, MY KIDS love to dip things! It's so fun for them they don't even really care what it is they love hummus so dipping chips in it dipping carrots or cucumbers or bell peppers in it is amazing but I've also seen them go and dip broccoli into liquid aminos (healthier alternative to soy sauce). Or anything in ketchup. So if they aren't liking something plain see if they'd like something to dip it in! Dipping is so much fun.

What are your favorite ways to make veggies for kids?

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