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Classical Christian Home Education Info

Excited to talk tonight about Classical Christian home education. We loved it this past year it’s so familiar to what I grew up with. Homeschooling can get such a weird rap these days but now that the majority of the world has been forced into a crisis homeschooling and the next school year uncertain for most I’m so thankful for our Classical Conversations, Happy Valley, OR Community and to know I have support and I’m not alone in home educating my children and that I’m not waiting or at the mercy of the state to figure out how education will look this year. Both of these girls will be in the CC program this year! They are so excited! If you’d like to hop on to the info meeting tonight please rsvp at this link to get access to tonight’s live info meeting I’m hosting on zoom. Bring your homeschooling questions! #homeschoolingideas #homeschoolcommunity #homeschoollife #homeschoolmom

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