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Book Interview Fail...

I’m tempted to throw myself a pity party and list of excuses but despite my well performing system and routines we’ve been trying this week I still managed to forget a book podcast interview today until 45min late.

Well... lesson learned! Check my calendar the night before!

In effort to avoid my phone and preserve sanity I missed the reminder email first time author learning problems! Hopefully they will give me grace and want to reschedule.

I feel terrible I just totally spaced and didn’t calculate the time zone well or put better reminders in place but it is what it is I’m choosing to extend myself grace and not let it effect my whole day.

Adults mess up too sometimes! And it’s ok.

We say sorry and hope for the best.

Get a nice humility reminder.

Realize our failure didn’t cause the world to end and maybe I really just needed to sit on the couch and rest during nap time today instead of promoting my book.

Trusting my old online supplemental high school will be forgiving and want to reschedule but for now I’m going to get lost in a book about parenting before the youngest two wake up!

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