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Full discloser I have advocate accounts with both DoTerra & Crunchi as I try to bring in a little to support the family through my love of researching/sharing all this information. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

🌱 Immune Boosting/Symptom Support: (please consult your primary care provider before implementing anything new)

* OnGuard Roller (I use this behind my kids ears to help prevent ear aches) 

* Elderberry Syrup or Extract (make your own with dried organic berries)

* Raw Garlic (chop it up small and disguise in honey and swallow)
* Breathe Stick or Breathe Well Salve & Cough be Gone Extract for Respiratory Support

* OnGuard Throat Drops (to help soothe throat aches)

* Correct X & All Purpose Salve Stick (in place of Neosporin)

* Cramp Bark or Ease The Ache (for menstrual & afterbirth pains)

* Crunchi Nightlight or Eczema Relief Pack (for eczema)

* Immune Support Set

* Toxin-Free Bandaids 

🌱 Clean Water

Berkey & Greenfield Water (for water purification)
Greenfield Water (for water structuring use code HOMEFRONT for 10% off)

🌱 EMF Protection

Somavedic (use code THEHOMEFRONT for 15% off of Somavedic)

* Energy Dots

🌱 Bluelight Filter

* Eye Just (screen protectors & glasses use code CARISSAGOBBLE for 20% off $10+)

🌱 Detox

*For armpit detox use Earthley's Pit Detox Mask or bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to help pull out built up toxins from your previous deodorants.

* Epsom salt baths (watch out for added fragrance)
* For general body detox


🌱 Muscle Support:

* Doterra Deep Blue Products

* Earthley Arnica Salve & Pain Bundle

🌱 Blemishes:
* Lue Organics Spot Treatment
* Doterra HD Clear Roller
* Doterra Correct X


🌱 Bug Spray:

* DoTerra TerraShield Spray

* Greenerway Organics


🌱 Sun protection:
* Crunchi Sunlight  (facial spf no ghost no grease)

* Doterra

* Norwex Sunscreen SPF 30
* Badger 
* ThinkBaby/ThinkSport


🌱 Hand Sanitizer
* Earthley 

* DoTerra OnGuard Sanitizing Mist
* Dr. Bronners Spray

🌱 Vitamins

* MaryRuths

* Earthley

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