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Full discloser I have advocate accounts with both DoTerra & Crunchi as I try to bring in a little to support the family through my love of researching/sharing all this information. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

If you are expecting a little one I highly recommend an Amazon Baby Registry you can set up here and adding a bunch of these things too it! Did you know you can also link non-amazon items into an Amazon Baby registry! Yep super great!

🌱 Diapers & Wipes 

* Cloth

* Hello Bello (cheapest from walmart)

* Dyper

* The Honest Company (diapers only)


🌱 All Kids Body Products:
* Crunchi Littles

* Norwex Baby Body Cloths

* Poofy Organic 
* Earth Mama Organic


🌱 Makeup & Skincare

* Crunchi 

🌱 SAFER Nail Polishs:

* Prim & Pure
* Poofy Organics


🌱 Breastfeeding Care:

* Earthley Breast Balm
* Earth Mama Nipple Butter

* Mother Love Nipple Cream
* Green Goo Nipple Balm

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