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Full discloser I have advocate accounts with both DoTerra & Crunchi as I try to bring in a little to support the family through my love of researching/sharing all this information. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Here Are Some Easy Swaps You Can Do To get More Eco Friendly and Sustainable With Links!

Bottled water ➡️ stainless steel/glass

* Stainless steel 

* Hydroflask

* Glass


Plastic Water Filters ➡️ Berkey or Greenfield Water Filters

* Berkey

* Greenfield Water (use code HOMEFRONT for 10% off)

Tupperware ➡️ Glass

* 18 Piece Set (great for serving food too!)

* Bamboo Tops

* Pantry Storage

* Mason Jars


Straws ➡️ stainless steel, reusable bamboo 

* Stainless Steel

* Disposable Bamboo

* Reusable Bamboo

* Personal Travel Straw


Plastic utensils ➡️ compostable, bamboo

* Compostable

* Bamboo

Plastic cups, plates, bowls ➡️ reusable, compostable

* Compostable Picnic bundle

Ziplock bags➡️ reusable silicone, cloth

* Silicone

* Cloth

Plastic wrap ➡️ beeswax wraps

* Bees wrap

* Silicone Lids

Ice cube trays ➡️ silicone 

* Silicone

Cutting board ➡️ glass, wood

* Bamboo

* Glass

* Norwex Non-Slip Rice Husk Board

Cleaning spray bottles ➡️ glass

* Glass

Single use soap dispenser➡️ glass homemade

* Glass

Plastic lighters ➡️matches, metal refillable

* Refillable

* Matches

Hangers ➡️ wood

* Wood Options


Mattresses➡️ Naturepedic

* Naturepedic

* Avocado

Shopping bags➡️ reusable

* Norwex Shopping Bag with BacLock (antibacterial microbial silver weaved in)

Produce bags ➡️ reusable 

* Norwex Produce Bag with BacLock (antibacterial microbial silver weaved in)


Shower curtain ➡️ cotton, bamboo

* Cotton

* Bamboo

Toothbrush ➡️ Bamboo toothbrush 

* Adult

* Kids

Mens razors ➡️ metal, electric 

* Metal

* Electric

Shampoo bottles ➡️ shampoo bar

* Shampoo bars

Body wash bottles ➡️ bar soap, micorfiber body cloth

* Norwex Body Cloth (just needs water)

* Crunchi Body Bar
* Diotamite Clay Soap Dish

* Dr. Bonner's Bar soap

Loofah ➡️ cloth, sea sponge 

* Sea Sponge

* Norwex Body Scrub Mitt

Face scrub➡️ one withOUT microbeads

* Crunchi I Am Polished

Beauty & personal care products ➡️ glass, paperboard packaging 

* Crunchi

Baby bottles ➡️ glass

* Glass

Toys ➡️ wood

* Wooden Toys

Diapers and wipes ➡️ cloth, biodegradable 

* Cloth

* Hello Bello

* Dyper

* The Honest Company (diapers only)

Toilet Paper, Tissues, Paper Towels


REEF Safe Sun protection:
* Crunchi Sunlight  (facial spf no ghost no grease


Dryer Sheets
* Norwex Wool dryer balls with lavender essential oil

* Wool Dryer Balls


Cleaning products: 
* Truly Free refillable bottles of toxin free cleaning solutions

* Norwex Microfiber Cloths & Water


Feminine Hygiene Safe For You & Safe For the Planet

* WinIon Year Supply Box of Pads (negative ion liner helps regulate ph of the uterus)
* Lola  (this link gives $5 off)


EMF Protection

* Somavedic (use code THEHOMEFRONT for 15% off)


Blue Light Glasses ➡️ Blue Light Screen Protectors

* EyeJust (use code CARISSAGOBBLE for 20% off)


Candles: (I always prefer diffusing essential oils to get scent & air cleansing support in one!)

* Sea Love Candles (use code HOMEFRONT10 for 10% off)

* UCO Candles

Red Flower Petal Topped Candles,

* Big Dipper Wax Works

Izola Candles

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