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Some Early Reviews...

"Through these stories Riley Taylor and Carissa Gobble have accurately described the experiences of 19 residents and friends of Liberation House.  What is most striking in this book is that this was a sovereign work of God.  In each story God is confronting and turning individuals with the precise message at the right time that gets through to their current thinking.  You might say they were stopped in their tracks. " - Dan Purkey

"As I read this captivating book of the lives of young people, I am struck with the unique stories of each life, experienced with an underlying driving force.  Are all generations struck with the need to seek and discover the meaning of life?  Was it the times, was it the freedom, was it youth or was it something else?  You’ll enjoy discovering for yourself the personal stories shared with honesty.  They are funny, sincere, captivating and revealing." - Jane Josephson

What Is This Book About

In the 1970s there was a revival in America happening we now refer to as the Jesus People Movement of the late 60s and 70s. In Eugene, OR there was a discipleship house called Liberation House that saw over six hundred young men and women come through it's doors and leave with a stronger character, understanding of their new faith and what it meant to live in the freedom of the Christian life. Their testimonies have been shared verbally for decades but never in written form and as the culture and political climate of the United States starts to mirror that of the 60s & 70s  in its tumultuousness and ripeness for another revival we see a need to pass on the lessons learned of a previous generation before they fade into history. This book shares 20 testimonies of the people that ended up in Liberation house for a period of time and how they got there. It also is a book that gives us a glimpse into the dynamics of what it was like to live in revival and steward it through this discipleship house started by Dan Purkey whose story we also share in this book.

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